How to Check Website Traffic for Any Site (7 Best Tools)

Would you like to monitor any website’s traffic, including your own?

You can determine how well your website operates and how it stacks up against the competition by looking at website traffic.

This post will demonstrate how to use a variety of internet tools to monitor website traffic for any website.

Why Should You Check Your Website Traffic?

You can quickly see how your website is doing by looking at its data.

You can see where visitors are coming from, how they interact with your website, and which digital marketing tactics are most effective by looking at your website traffic data.

You should frequently review your website analytics if you want to increase traffic overall, sales for your online store, or email subscribers.

You can determine where your site is at the moment and what needs to be improved by monitoring the traffic to it.

Why Should You Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic?

Numerous useful details can be found by examining the website traffic data of your competitors, including:

The posts and pages that your rivals are receiving the most traffic

Which phrases your rivals are ranking for The channels that bring in the most revenue for them

You can utilise all of this information to enhance your link-building, keyword research, and content marketing strategies, among other things.

You may increase the amount of visitors to your website by focusing on the same keywords and subjects that your competitors are using to drive the most traffic.

Best Tools to Check Any Website Traffic (including Competitors)

You may use a multitude of tools, both commercial and free, to check traffic. Everybody has distinctive qualities that make them stand out.

The majority of specialists verify website traffic numbers for their rivals using a variety of approaches. It is always advised that readers examine site traffic statistics using at least two independent tools.

You may fill in the blanks and receive more precise traffic statistics for any website by utilising a variety of technologies.

You can buy a variety of tools to expand your market knowledge and obtain more insights as your WordPress site and budget increase.

Having stated that, let’s examine the top resources for determining a website’s traffic volume.


Semrush is a comprehensive tool for competitive research and traffic analysis. It’s the finest tool available for tracking and analysing website traffic.

At WPBeginner, we use this tool for keyword research, ranking monitoring, and much more.

A thorough analysis of your rival’s overall traffic will appear as you enter their URL.

Important website metrics will be visible to you, like the amount of traffic that the website receives each month, the distribution of traffic by nation, the phrases that drive the most traffic, and more.

You can find out the number of unique visitors, total visits, average length of visit, number of pageviews, and bounce rate for the website by clicking on the Traffic Analytics tab.

This capability is similar to viewing the Google Analytics account of your rival.

Bulk Traffic Analysis is another great tool that allows you to analyse traffic levels for numerous competitors at once.

There are up to 200 websites that you can compare, depending on your pricing plan. This provides you with a broad overview of your niche, the most popular websites, and any traffic opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Additionally, you will find comprehensive traffic analytics reports that provide you with information such as the websites referring the most traffic, the most valuable pages on their website, and the areas bringing in the most visitors.

Use our Semrush discount code to benefit from the limited free plan, which provides you with access to basic website data, or the 14-day trial.

The premium subscriptions, which start at $119.95 a month and provide you complete access to competition traffic sources, rankings, social media, and more, are for those who seek comprehensive reports.

Free Alternative: You may use WPBeginner’s free Keyword Density Checker to just get a sense of the terms that your rivals are focusing on.


An internet tool called SimilarWeb allows you to examine the traffic of competitors’ websites and determine which of their channels generates the most value.

Detailed reports of a website’s complete traffic strategy will be provided, rather than just search traffic.

After putting a website through the programme, you’ll receive a report that breaks down traffic by nation as well as an overall summary.

You will receive engagement metrics such as the website’s top traffic sources, average visit duration, bounce rate, and number of pages seen each visit.

You’ll discover what sponsored keywords drive the most traffic to the website, which social media platforms are the most valuable, and which display networks the company employs for advertising in addition to organic search traffic.

Lastly, you’ll receive a thorough analysis of the site’s viewership, along with information about the kind of other websites that appeal to them, the most popular sites that they link to, and a list of rival websites that you can investigate further.

You can get helpful traffic data using the tool’s free edition. If you need reports that are more in-depth, you can open an enterprise account with personalised pricing.

3.Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool from Google that lets you analyze your search engine traffic.

This tool gives you a complete picture of how your site is viewed by search engines.

It displays the quantity of clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average keyword position in search results.

This aids in your comprehension of the terms you rank for and the amount of searches they generate. This data can assist you in increasing traffic.

For instance, you can consider optimising the blog post to try and get it to the first page of the search results if you discover that you’re ranking in position 11.

In addition, you can view which sites are indexed, whether there are any problems, and much more.

You can begin examining your website data as soon as you upload your website to Google Search Console.

Using All in One SEO is the simplest method to link your Google Search Console account (AIOSEO). See our tutorial on adding your WordPress website to Google Search Console for further information.

Additionally, AIOSEO has a Search Statistics extension that allows you to view statistics directly from your WordPress dashboard in Google Search Console.

In this manner, you may stay on your website and check SEO analytics, monitor keyword rankings, find your best-performing content, and more.

Alternatively, you may check your keyword ranks inside the WordPress admin area utilising data from Google Search Console by utilising the MonsterInsights tool, which is described below.


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a free and premium tool that provides a wealth of helpful website traffic data.

The UI is designed with ease of use for beginners. This application makes keyword research and traffic analysis incredibly easy, even if you’ve never done it before.

With the help of the traffic analyzer function, you can get a thorough analysis of your competitors’ traffic trends over time, the keywords that drive the most traffic to their website, and the most popular pages.

You can find the overall number of organic keywords the site ranks for, the total number of backlinks, domain authority, and organic monthly traffic on the “Traffic Overview” page.

Additionally, you can delve further into every area of the traffic report. For instance, you can enlarge the “Top Pages” results to get a breakdown of every page that has been published on the website along with an estimate of the monthly traffic it receives.

You may also get the anticipated number of backlinks and the number of Facebook and Pinterest shares in the results. You may get a broad idea of what you need to do to get that page rank higher in the SERPs from this data.

You can view the last three months’ worth of data with the tool’s free edition. With monthly premium plans starting at $29, it’s among the least expensive tools on this list.


Serpstat provides a large selection of various SEO tools. An all-in-one solution for website analysis was born out of what was first just a basic keyword research tool.

It’s quite simple to use even with all of its capabilities. The programme will generate a traffic report upon entering the URL.

In addition to rank tracking tools, site auditing, backlink research, and traffic checking functions are available.

The traffic analysis tools provide you with a wealth of helpful website information, such as the most popular pages, the average monthly visitor count, and the organic and sponsored keywords that drive traffic.

Additionally, trend data is available for you to observe how the site’s traffic, keywords, and rankings change over time.

You can view a subset of the entire data set for a domain name with the tool’s free edition. You may access all of the data provided by the tool with the premium subscriptions, which start at $69 per month.


Among the most well-liked SEO tools available, Ahrefs is used by companies like Facebook, Uber, and Netflix. It enables you to observe the volume of traffic and the factors that contribute to your competitors’ high position.

Every day, Ahrefs crawls and indexes over 200 million websites, including over 6 billion pages. Although there is a lot of data, you can use this to gain valuable insights that will help you rank higher than your rivals and increase visitors.

It’s an extremely easy-to-use UI. All of the website’s information can be retrieved by simply entering its URL in the search area.

An overview of a site’s organic search traffic, domain authority, top rivals, and much more can be seen in the search overview report.

The traffic statistics for the past 30 days, the entire year, or both can be viewed by filtering the report.

You can easily filter and locate the website metrics you’re looking for despite the abundance of data.

Remember that additional sources, such as social media, are not included in the traffic data; only organic search data is displayed.

Plans begin at $99 per month after a $77 seven-day trial. It’s surprisingly cheap given the quantity of data you have access to.


Google Analytics is the sole tool you should be utilising if you want to analyse your own traffic. On the other hand, it can be challenging to set up and analyse Google Analytics independently.

MonsterInsights is the greatest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, and over 3 million websites—including Microsoft, Yelp, PlayStation, and others—use it. That’s why we suggest using it.

It enables you to examine traffic data immediately in your WordPress dashboard and set up Google Analytics in WordPress with ease.

Plus, you can add annotations directly to your MonsterInsights reports each time you make key changes to your website.

That way, when you publish a new blog post, run an ad campaign, or send an email newsletter, you can easily track how those events impact your traffic.

This is the ideal method to determine whether your competitors’ techniques are effective for your own website after using the tools above to monitor their traffic and keywords.

Your best-performing pages, posts, landing pages, homepage traffic, visitor demographics, and more will all be visible to you. This makes it much easier to expand your WordPress blog and aids in your understanding of user behaviour.

Final Thoughts on How to Check Traffic on Your Website

You may check the traffic to your website and the websites of your competitors using a variety of tools.

Examining the traffic of your competitors can help you gain understanding of your market and strategies for increasing traffic. However, tracking the amount of traffic to your own website will help you determine how effective your social networking, SEO, and other traffic-generating tactics are.

MonsterInsights is the best tool for analysing the traffic to your own website. You may monitor website traffic data right in your WordPress dashboard with a few clicks.

AIOSEO will provide all of your search traffic statistics directly within WordPress if you would like to view the SEO traffic to your website.

Semrush is our first pick if you want to check traffic on any website and conduct in-depth competitor analysis. In addition to providing you with precise traffic data, it’s among the greatest SEO tools available.

We hope that this post has taught you how to examine website traffic on any website. You might also want to check out our comprehensive guide on WordPress SEO and our professional selection of the top 24 WordPress plugins for business websites.

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